SkyHopper by Mobilicom Breaks into Singaporean Market with Design Win with award-winning Singaporean Drone Manufacturer Flare Dynamics PTE Ltd

Mobilicom has fully integrated the SkyHopper solution across the drone platform that Flare Dynamics has developed for the Singaporean National Agencies

SkyHopper by Mobilicom has set its footprint in the Singaporean market, securing a design win with awardwinning Singaporean drone manufacturer Flare Dynamics PTE Ltd. Flare Dynamics solutions serve the security applications that increase in popularity.

As part of the design win SkyHopper’s newest product,SkyHopper PRO V, has been integrated into a new multirotor drone of Flare Dynamics. The drone has already won its first commercial contract with Singaporean National Agencies, with initial deployment starting in early 2018. Flare Dynamics also plans to integrate SkyHopper PRO V into a second drone platform next year.

Given the partnerships Flare Dynamics has in countries across the Asia Pacific, SkyHopper’s solution has potential for future design wins from its relationship with Flare.

SkyHopper Pro V offers a combined solution of dual video processing & analytics in addition to communication. It is a single box solution that is appealing to drone manufacturers for its high performance, small form factor and light weight at an attractive price.

Given the breadth of applications that are served by Flare Dynamics drones, it will be employing two SkyHopper units for each autonomous platform. Flare will partner with both SkyHopper PRO & the new SkyHopper PRO V products leveraging SkyHopper’s unique dual video processing & analytics feature.

“We chose SkyHopper for its single-box solution, combining video and communication for a lighter solution at a more attractive price,” said Vincent Loh, founder of Flare Dynamics. “Given the product offering as well as thorough onsite support provided, we look forward to a long-term relationship with the SkyHopper by Mobilicom team.”

Mobilicom is dedicated to ensuring that Flare Dynamics and its other Singaporean customers are getting the solutions and support they need, by offering a product portfolio with specifications that are tailored to the demands of the Singaporean commercial drone and robotics market as well as technical support and integration services.

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