The SkyHopper Pro Bi-Directional Data Link for Commercial & Industrial Drones will be released April 2017!

SkyHopper Pro combines control, telemetry and payload into a single communication channel and will be released April 2017. It is the optimal communication solution for drones in infrastructure inspection, security & surveillance and delivery applications as well as for autonomous drone, swarm and fleet management operations.

Some of SkyHopper Pro’s many features that can extend the range and capabilities of your commercial and industrial drones include:

• 5km+ line-of-sight
• Robust non-line-of-sight operation
• Point-to-point and Point-to-Multipoint communication
• Unicast, Multicast and Broadcast transmission modes
• Relay for extending range and overcoming dead spots
• Seamless handoff between controllers/control stations
• Multiple controllers for simultaneous use
• Secure and encrypted bidirectional transmission
• Unlimited viewers of real-time HD video
• Customization and support services to optimize to your needs
• Lightweight and small form factor
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