SkyHopper by Mobilicom integrated into French Drone Manufacturer Airborne Concept’s Drone for Security & Police Operations

SkyHopper by Mobilicom has secured a design win with leading French drone manufacturer and service provider Airborne Concept. The new design win will see SkyHopper PRO integrated into Airborne’s multirotor drone Octopush. Octopush is intended for security and police operations, with contracts already in place with the French Army and French Police and Special Forces.

The operations conducted by Octopush will benefit from SkyHopper’s security capabilities as well as from Mobilicom’s proprietary encryption mechanism contained within the device.

Simultaneously, Airborne plans to equip its new Up-Start drone prototype with Mobilicom’s MCU advanced communication solution, offering extended range, throughput and more ruggedized devices. The Up-Start VTOL hybrid drone, unique to the drone world, contains unique features including vertical takeoff that make it suitable for delivery applications and will be used by a famous parcel carrier.

“We plan to equip all of our drones with Mobilicom’s SkyHopper and MCU advanced communication solutions and expect this to be a strong ongoing partnership,” mentioned Nicolas Roussel, Sales Manager of Airborne Concept.

“Mobilicom’s combined MCU & SkyHopper product offering, in combination with its holistic approach of including support and integration services as a one-stop-shop, serves as an excellent advantage for faster time to market.”

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