Video Processing & Analytics 

Integrated Video Processing with Dual Video Inputs & Outputs

SkyHopper PRO V offers a bi-directional Data Link with video processing capabilities specifically designed for commercial and industrial drones. By employing leading wireless technologies, the SkyHopper PRO V includes dual video inputs and outputs, dual built-in video encoders / decoders, three camera interfaces and local recording ability.

SkyHopper PRO V delivers long range and Non-Line of Sight (N-LOS) communication that supports multiple transmission modes. SkyHopper PRO V supports Point-to-Point communication with multiple viewers and offers built-in flexibility to best optimize to specific customer challenges.

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Dual Camera Input

With the ability to use different cameras such as wide-angle & IR cameras.

Dual Built-In Encoders + Decoders

No external encoders or decoders needed.

Real Time Full HD Video

Transmission of live 1080p video.

Local Recording Ability

For local recording onto a micro SD card. Can also serve as a backup for real-time video.

Three Camera Interfaces

HDMI + Analog + IP

Secure & Encrypted

Trusted source of security and encryption, validated by government organizations.

Long-Range Line-of-Sight

SkyHopper PRO V has a long range line of sight transmission up to 5km.

Superior Non-Line-of Sight

NLOS communication to provide a robust radio signal, while combating interferences and overcoming dead spots.

Compact & Lightweight

Small form factor

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Encoder / Decoder Specifications
Video Encoder / DecoderDual H.264 low latency, HD & SD
Video Formats up to 1080p; SD Card
Dual Encoder / DecoderHD & SD Channels
Radio & Modem Specifications
RangeUp to 5km / 3.1 miles (LOS, uninterrupted
For extended range, other solutions available
ThroughputConfigurable from 1.6-6 Mbps;
For extended throughput, other solutions avail.
Network TopologiesPoint-to-Point and unlimited viewers/receivers
Multiple Synchronized Point-to-Point Links
Modes of OperationBroadcast, Unicast
Unlimited number of viewers/receivers
SensitivityMax -101dBm
Diversity SupportMIMO 2x2, Tx & Rx Diversity
Encryption128 AES – Standard Package
256 AES and other options also available for
purchase (custom export control may apply)
Frequencies2.4 GHz (ISM) & 5.8 GHz (ISM)
Other frequencies available upon request

Environmental Temperature-20 – 45° C (-4 – 113° F)
Dimensions(H x W x D) mm(H x W x D) inch
31 x 54 x 741.2 x 2.1 x 2.9
DC Voltage7.4 – 24 V DC
VideoMicro HDMI (input/output)
Analog (input/output)
Control & TelemetrySerial RS232
EthernetFull Ethernet Protocol 802.3 (TCP/IP,
UDP, and others)
AntennaMMCX (x2)

Configuration & Management
Unit MonitoringWeb-Based Application
Program InterfaceAPI

Product versions available to accommodate FCC, CE & TELEC standards.

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