Communication Data Links

Control, Telemetry & Payload in a single RF Channel


COMBO solution by SkyHopper consists of:

SkyHopperCOMBO (device)

Enjoy the benefits of having 3 solutions in 1 unit and set your preference based on operational needs.
With the COMBO you choose between using a bi-directional Software Defined Radio (SDR) and LTE Technology Data Link as well as ICE Cybersecurity suite. The SkyHopperCOMBO is allowing utilization of non-infrastructure and infrastructure environments.

CONTROliT (network management) 

Cloud based Management software that enables: devices configuration, networks’ management, tracking and operation statistics.

The solution is specifically designed for commercial and industrial IIoT (drones/robotics/Teleoperation, M2M, Autonomous platforms) and provides the best solution for autonomous UAV systems.

Long-Range Line-of-Sight

SkyHopperCOMBO has a long range transmission range up to 5km line-of-sight.

Superior Non-Line-of Sight

NLOS communication provides a robust radio signal, while combating interferences and overcoming dead spots.


For public and private networks

ICE Cybersecurity Suite

ICE Cybersecurity Suite (optional)

Built-in flexibility

To best optimize to specific customer challenges.

Pure IP/Ethernet

Universal solution with no integration needed for all IP payloads.

Broadband link Enabling Full HD Video

Delivers real time full HD video by connecting an IP camera through the Ethernet connection.

Broadcast, Multicast and Unicast

Multiple Transmission Modes

Compact & Lightweight

Small Form Factor Solution

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