Mobilicom Wins a 1.2 million USD grant to develop a unique technology using AI that will mitigate the risk of cyber attacks in drones & robotics

The grant is funded by the Israeli Ministry of Defense and the Israel Innovation Authority

Mobilicom Limited (Mobilicom) has received a grant to create a unique solution that focuses on the development of cyber technologies using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as an add-on module for drones and unmanned platforms. Within the scope of this project, Mobilicom will develop an anti-hijacking and anti-spoofing system for commercial, government and enterprise drones and robotics. This will enable autonomous drone cyber security without intervention by an operator in real-time.

Mobilicom’s innovative solution will mitigate cyber security risks and as a result, enable the acceleration of commercial drone market scalability. This program reinforces Mobilicom as a holistic provider of equipment, software and solutions for unmanned platforms and will become a game-changer for commercial drone deployment, as well as drones in security, public safety and federal operations.

Mobilicom’s CEO, Oren Elkayam: “Mobilicom holds the key components that turn a drone into a “smart drone”. We look forward to offer drone and robotics manufacturers our new technology leveraging Artificial Intelligence as an add-on module for drones and other unmanned platforms. Given the daily involvement of unmanned platforms in security and homeland security operations, it goes without saying that this technology will serve as an added value here and in other commercial applications.”

About Mobilicom:

Mobilicom designs, develops and delivers highly secured communication solutions for mission-critical and remote mobile private networks that can operate without the need for existing infrastructure. Mobilicom products and technologies are based on an innovative approach that merges 4G and Mobile MESH technologies. Mobilicom offers a large solution portfolio that has been deployed worldwide.

Mobilicom has two business entities. The first is Mobilicom’s core business entity, with solutions that cater to mission-critical communication in the Government and Enterprise sector with applications in unmanned platforms, disaster relief and public safety, and offshore and remote areas. The second is its SkyHopper business entity, an end-to-end equipment and solution provider, which targets the Commercial Drone & Robotics sector. SkyHopper’s holistic approach enables commercial drone and robotics manufacturers to focus on their own business objectives by reducing time-to-market, minimizing resource expenditures and increasing their chances for success.

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