Israel Aerospace Industries orders SkyHopperCOMBO

SkyHopper by Mobilicom is pleased to announce it has received the first orders for SkyHopperCOMBO device from a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace
Industries (IAI).
IAI will use the units to initiate marketing and sales of its systems to government customers, based on the first of its kind solution providing it with a cutting-edge technology and a time to market advantage.
IAI is Israel’s major aerospace and aviation manufacturer, producing aerial and astronautic systems for both military and civilian usage. IAI designs, develops and produces civil aircraft, drones & fighter
aircraft, missile, avionics, and space-based systems, banking revenues of more than US$4 billion annually.
The volume of the order is not material at this stage, though the first orders are of importance to the Company as IAI is basing its new drone platform on the SkyHopperCOMBO product for future sales to the
Israeli Government.
SkyHopperCOMBO is a first-of-its-kind, small & lightweight 3-in-1 solution, providing a highly secured, broadband wireless datalink that can operate with or without network infrastructure. This device
coupled with Mobilicom’s ControliT secured cloud server enables configuration, network management, fleet management and tracking.
“Having commenced beta testing of SkyHopperCOMBO with the IAI subsidiary last month, Mobilicom is
pleased to receive the first orders so quickly, proving the capability of our technology,” CEO Oren Elkayam
“Other customers and partners are also testing this new solution and we expect additional sales over the
coming months,” he said.
Conventional solutions typically provide an independent direct datalink that has limited operational
distance and is dependent on the availability of a cellular network. The SkyHopperCOMBO is unique in its ability to combine both solutions enabling connectivity anywhere and at any time.

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