Holistic Approach

SkyHopper by Mobilicom is a global provider of holistic end-to-end hardware & software solutions as well as integration and support services for commercial and industrial drones and robotics. SkyHopper brings the key components that make “just a drone” into a “smart drone”, integrating the pieces that are valuable for the drone’s creation.

SkyHopper’s One-Stop-Shop was designed to provide drone & robotics manufacturers with peace of mind through a combination of technical expertise, best-of-breed technology, and an understanding of the customers’ needs.

Professional Experience: Our Customer Success team has successfully integrated and deployed SkyHopper solutions with over 50 drone & robotics manufacturers.

End-to-End Product Offering: SkyHopper offers proprietary technology and a broad range of products that have designed to work together in an effort to optimize performance, shorten time-to-market, and lower risk.

Unparalleled Support: SkyHopper’s Customer Success Team offers pre- and post-sale integration and support to customers both remotely and onsite.

Our Highly Secured & Encrypted Solutions

SkyHopper has brought a set of technologies for the purpose of providing a high level of security to the unmanned platforms in which its solutions are integrated.

SkyHopper incorporates into its solutions a high-end security encryption level that was designed for, validated, and proven by organizations such as the Israel Ministry of Defense and other European security and governmental organizations. SkyHopper offers a “Software Defined Radio” that does not utilize WIFI, which can easily be hacked into, and employs additional technology to mitigate risks of cyberattacks on unmanned platforms, which can in turn cause crashes, breaches of data or manipulation of information from the drone.

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