About Us

SkyHopper by Mobilicom is an Israel-based entity that is part of Mobilicom Limited, which was founded in 2006. The Company began by designing, developing and selling wireless communication solutions for mission critical applications without the need for any existing infrastructure.

With the core technologies at hand, SkyHopper was launched in 2016, to target commercial drone and robotics manufacturers and service providers. Mobilicom develops all SkyHopper solutions in-house and fully owns all assets for its unique technology. The technology is backed by its patent holding and know-how.

Since its launch, SkyHopper has developed a solid track record, with an international customer base and a broad portfolio of products. It continues to build upon its excellent market traction in the industry, integrating with some of the top industry leaders in drones & robotics and aviation.

Meet the Team

  • Oren Elkayam Image

    Oren has worked at both the Business Development and CEO levels with companies in the wireless communications space (as VP Business Development at Runcom Ltd. and CEO of SortechLtd). He has initiated and negotiated contracts with top carrier companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Nortel, Mitsubishi and Motorola. He has led investment rounds with US based VC’s as well as managing Sortech’s start-up from prototype to commercial sale toa top tier vendor. Oren has been a voting member on both the IEEE and WiMAX international committees. He served as an officer in the Israeli Air Force in an elite R&D unit. Oren holds B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA (magna cum laude) all from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

    Oren Elkayam
    CEO & Co-Founder
  • Yossi Segal Image

    Yossi was the former CTO and one of the founding members of Runcom Ltd., leading the design and development of 3 mobile ASIC’s and 8 wireless broadband systems including DVB-T and WiMAX. He is an expert in OFDM/A and has written essential patents for OFDM/A technology, being the first to implement OFDM/A in a working product. He has led several product and system solutions from design to successful commercial deployment worldwide. Yossi has taken a leading role in several international wireless standards (IEEE, ETSI) as a committee voting member, where he made hundreds of contributions. Yossi served in the Israeli Army as an officer in an elite electronic warfare R&D unit. Yossi holds B.Sc (magna cum laude) and M.Sc in Electrical Engineering and an MBA all from Ben-Gurion University, Israel.

    Yossi Segal
    VP R&D and Co-Founder
  • Boaz Pick Image

    Boaz brings with him over twenty years of executive experience in operation, supply chain and engineering in leading global companies. In his previous positions, Boaz served as Sr. Director of global manufacturing engineering at VeriFone Systems, Inc., VP Operations and Supply Chain at EPOS and VP Operations and Supply Chain at VCON Telecommunications Ltd. Boaz holds a B.Sc. degree in in Electronic Engineering from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology.

    Boaz Pick
    VP Operations
  • Offer Herman Image

    Offer is a senior sales executive with more than 20 years of delivering revenue in highly competitive markets in the telecommunication industry. Offer has held various senior positions in sales and marketing at several high tech companies in Israel. He has led a variety of sales and marketing initiatives in EMEA, Asia and the Americas. Prior to joining Mobilicom, Offer held several executive-level sales positions at Fiberzone and RIT, where he was responsible for leading various multi-million dollar deals with the world’s largest carriers and enterprises.

    Offer Herman
    VP Sales
  • Sigal Russo Image

    Ms. Russo brings with her over 15 years of vast experience as a CPA and and background in publicly-traded companies. She has an extensive knowledge in financial modelling and forecasting, IPO procedures, and a track record of improving fiscal performance, productivity, and internal controls.  Most recently, Ms. Russo served as CFO of OWC Pharmaceutical Research Corp. (OTCQB: OWCP), a pharmaceutical company, where she was in charge of all non-R&D aspects of managing business,  Prior to her tenure at OWCP she was a Senior Director of Finance of Rosetta Genomics Ltd. (NASDAQ: ROSG), a molecular diagnostics company, where she was responsible for all finances aspects, and reported to the Chief Financial Officer. Ms. Russo served in various roles at Rosetta Genomics since 2008. Prior to her tenure at Rosetta Genomics, Ms. Russo was an audit manager at Ernst & Young in Israel, specializing in audits of companies from various fields, both publicly traded and privately owned American and Israeli entities, from 2004 to 2008. Ms. Russo holds a BA in Economics and Accounting, from the Ruppin Academic College.

    Sigal Russo
    Director of Finance
  • Pinhas Reich Image

    Pinhas brings senior global managerial experience in  sales, marketing and business development in various industries such as Telecom, Smart homes, behavior prediction based on speech analytics for enterprise and  in the consumer market.
    Pinhas has rich experience working for small / large, private and public companies.

    Pinhas Reich
    VP Business Development & Marketing
  • Stefan Botthof Image

    Stefan is a Sales & Business Development oriented manager with over 25 years of experience in telecommunications for direct and indirect sales. Before Mobilicom he built up the German market for SaaS services for the French diabolocom, before that he held various sales positions for the Swiss FROX in Germany in UC projects with products from Avaya, Microsoft and Cisco and in sales for DSL projects at ZyXEL, also for the Austrian market. Stefan also started business with the Chinese manufacturer ZTE with their first subsidiary in Germany for the incumbent carriers DTAG, Arcor, Vodafone. He worked for Imtech Telecom in the field of system integration for infrastructure and early in his career he managed infrastructure for transmission systems and gateways for Israeli companies eci telecom and TdSoft.

    Stefan holds a Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering from RWTH Aachen, Germany.

    Stefan Botthof
    Director of Sales Europe
  • Ofer Laufer Image

    Ofer brings 25 years of experience in rapidly growing hi-tech enterprises. He served as the General Manager of Friendly Robotics for 10 years. Under his leadership the company grew 7X both in sales and production units, developed many new robotic models, IOT infrastructure and an APP, as well as expanded R&D capacity 3X. Ofer also managed several OEM deals and oversaw a successful acquisition. Previous to that, Ofer led Operations in several companies, including Powerpaper, Alvarion and Avaya; in that capacity he established production sites in China, the Philippines and Ireland, transferred new technologies into mass production, improved quality, productivity and production excellence, as well as built highly effective teams. Ofer is an Electronic Engineer and has an MBA from the Hebrew University.

    Ofer Laufer
    Chief Operating Officer
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