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Autonomous UAVs and their recent development Autonomous drones are unmanned aircrafts that are flown autonomously, without any human control. They have developed vastly over the past 50 years in terms of technology. A significant stage in the development lifecycle of autonomous drones has been the use...

The key advantages of using long range drones for open-pit mining The Earth’s natural resources are becoming increasingly more difficult to access with time, and hence, it is necessary to develop new technologies to overcome such difficulties. This is where long range drones come to play...

Choosing the right UAV data link to ensure your drone remains secure Drone technology is growing faster than ever. As UAVs move toward mass use in civilian applications, they are becoming ubiquitous on both commercial and DIY levels. Within the past year, 670,000 drones were registered...

SkyHopper ONE, an advanced communication system for high-end DIY drones. SkyHopper ONE packages all drone communication into a single RF channel by combining control, telemetry & payload into a lightweight device. Mobilicom has announced the release of the SkyHopper ONE UAV data link – the second...