Mining & Process Industry

Real-Time broadcasting of data and video. SkyHopper enables your drone to access distant and hard-to-reach areas, while command and control centers and mining personnel can receive live data from the field.

Open-pit mines are very large structures, with diameters that can span more than 5 miles and several critical operations that occur simultaneously. The environmental conditions can be tough and activities can occur in hard-to-access locations within the mine. Today, drones have begun to assume the role that typically are held by humans – they are used for mapping, inspection, security and surveillance operations and more. Drones can access risky or hard-to reach areas in place of humans, and deliver the same, if not more, information in real-time and to multiple viewers at once.

Point blank – commercial drones can serve to increase efficiency and improve employee safety measures out in the field.

Drones that undertake operations within the open-pit mining and process industry require robust communication and the ability to cover a lot of ground. SkyHopper offers a robust link that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperature ranges; it enables autonomous drone operation; long-range line-of-sight communication as well as simultaneous connectivity between multiple drones, grounds stations and/or viewers. This enables instant communication between multiple parties located in various areas of the mine pit.

End users can benefit from SkyHopper’s end-to-end product offering, including the SkyHopper PRO for communication, SkyHopper PRO V with integrated video processing, and the SkyHopper ControlAir’s ruggedized mini-controller that can transmit and receive data and video in real-time. The SkyHopper VU enables all relevant personnel to receive real-time video and data, whether across the mine pit, in the control and command center, or another remote location.

Infrastructure Inspection

Relay and Long-Range Communication. Protection from cyberattacks of critical infrastructure. SkyHopper’s holistic solution equips drone manufacturers with the elements essential for successful infrastructure inspection.

Traditional inspection of critical infrastructure such as power lines, wind farms and pipelines can be quite cumbersome, requiring many hands, resources and a significant time commitment in order to closely monitor and control it. Replacing manpower with drones for these inspection operations enables a quicker and more efficient process. Moreover, these drones can conduct inspections while critical infrastructure is still operating, all the while improving the safety of inspection personnel.

As a result, SkyHopper’s holistic solution optimizes drone capabilities ideal for infrastructure inspection. SkyHopper’s long-range line of sight connectivity, which can exceed 5km, as well as its relay capabilities, which can double the range allow for more immediate access to long distances that are often required by inspectors in this field. SkyHopper enables cloud-based and autonomous drone operations and offers robust connectivity that can withstand harsh environmental conditions. SkyHopper’s high-end security, encryption & protection aims to ensure that all video and data is transmitted in a secure and protected manner and mitigates risks of cyber-attacks which can result to a breach of the most sensitive data.


SkyHopper contributes to the scalability of drone delivery by enabling autonomous drone operation, swarm and fleet management and cloud-based operations.

With Amazon, Walmart and other businesses leveraging drones for their delivery services, many drone manufacturers are beginning to cater to these operations. However, in order for drones to efficiently deliver to a broader population, individual flight pilots will be replaced with fully autonomous systems, that can control fleets of drones remotely, while ensuring the complete accuracy of the delivery. SkyHopper’s end-to-end solution provides all the necessary communication elements, topologies and modes of operation in order to deliver fully autonomous flights of drone fleets.

But what about security? As drone delivery will become more ubiquitous in our society, several risk factors come into play: the risk of the drone being hi-jacked mid-flight, the safety risk for individuals below the drone’s flight path, and others. SkyHopper’s trusted cyber security measures, encryption and protection, utilizes proprietary technology to mitigate these risks.

Finally, SkyHopper offers long-range line-of-sight and relay operations to enable deliveries to more remote and rural areas; and it offers excellent non-line-of sight coverage for delivery in urban areas.

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