Product FAQ

Which UAV or drone brands does SkyHopper ONE support?

SkyHopper ONE supports any UAV or drone.

Which cameras does SkyHopper ONE support?

SkyHopper ONE supports any IP Camera or camera connected to an Encoder. The aerial unit will also support any camera with an HDMI or analog output.

Which flight controllers are supported for telemetry?

UAV Navigation, MicroPilot and Pixhawk flight controllers are supported by SkyHopper ONE, all using RS232 / UART in Native mode.

What regional settings are required?

SkyHopper ONE works on the 2.4GHz ISM band, therefore no regional settings are required.

Can SkyHopper ONE operate in a country different from the country in which I purchased the item?

SkyHopper ONE is configured to operate within the FCC or CE limitations based on the country of ordering. It is configured within the 2.4 ISM frequency band. Mobilicom takes no responsibility should you choose to take and/or operate this product outside of FCC or CE limits and/or in a country that does not comply with FCC or CE regulations. Please note that SkyHopper ONE specifications vary based on FCC or CE regulations.

Does SkyHopper ONE coexist with other RF systems on the drone?

SkyHopper ONE coexists with any device that works on a different band of frequency, such as backup control or telemetry that works on a different frequency.  If using the same band, but a different frequency, SkyHopper coexists as well, however performance may be reduced slightly.

What RF frequency and bandwidth does SkyHopper ONE support?

SkyHopper ONE works on the 2.4GHz ISM band with a bandwidth of 4.5 and 8.5MHz. It is based on the different configurations.

What frequencies can I use?

You can use any frequency between 2400 MHz to 2485 MHz

How many systems can work in the same vicinity?

The number of systems varies with respect to different areas and scenarios. It is dependent on the distance between the systems, the difference in frequencies (near/far conditions), other systems (i.e. Wi-Fi), etc.

What is the transmission range of SkyHopper ONE?

SkyHopper ONE has a transmission range up to 2km Line-of-Sight. This distance can more than double by its ability to communicate with multiple control stations.

Can I Increase range with specialized antennas?

Yes. SkyHopper ONE supports any antenna. Antenna adapter cables (MMCX connector) can be purchased separately. You can use a sectorial antenna for the ground station, which gives you more gain. For the aerial unit we supply 2 dBi Omni antennas. Omni antennas with more gain are usually too long for drones. Omni antennas are recommended for use with drones.

What is the physical size of the SkyHopper ONE unit?

The Physical dimensions of the SkyHopper ONE are 26 x 54 x 74 mm with A weight of 105g.

What is the video delay or video latency over the link?

SkyHopper ONE has a low latency of less than 25msec.

Does SkyHopper ONE transmit digital or analog video?

SkyHopper ONE supports any IP Camera. The device can also include upon purchase a video encoder that can support 2 video inputs: HDMI and analog.

Does SkyHopper ONE transfer audio?

Yes. SkyHopper ONE supports any type of VoIP. SkyHopper includes an Ethernet port so you can use an “on the shelf” audio solution that works with Ethernet (We are a Layer 2 device so the integration is plug and play).*

With the purchase of the integrated encoder, the SkyHopper ONE will include an audio in / audio out connector (audio jack).

What Is the Antennas' Radiation Pattern?

The supplied antennas are Omni 2dBi (360°).

Management Application and Supported Operating Systems

SkyHopper ONE is managed via web browser (Explorer, Chrome, Firefox and Safari). All you need is an Ethernet connection to the unit.

*Future release will include Android and IOS application.

Which video resolutions does SkyHopper ONE support?

SkyHopper ONE supports up to 1080p full HD video.

Which monitors can work with SkyHopper?

SkyHopper ONE supports any PC or tablet with a micro USB or Ethernet connector.*

The SkyHopper ONE Ground with Video will support any Monitor with HDMI input.

What voltage power should be applied?

The SkyHopper ONE input power is 7-14.5VDC.


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