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SkyHopper PRO, Bi-Directional Data Link for Commercial Drones, Available NOW

Offering Control, Telemetry & Payload in a Single RF Channel

Dana S.
SkyHopper PRO Bi-Directional UAV Data Link

Mobilicom has released the first in its SkyHopper family of products, the SkyHopper PRO UAV Data Link. This bi-directional data link addresses applications in the mining & process industry, inspection of infrastructure such as wind turbines and pipelines, security and surveillance and delivery drones.

As today, drone manufacturers oftentimes use separate solutions for control, telemetry and payload, thereby increasing costs and weight, SkyHopper Pro gives drone manufacturers the peace of mind of packaging all drone communication into a single RF channel in a lightweight solution and offers its experienced support team to hit the ground running. SkyHopper PRO also offers the unique advantage of its ability to deliver technology on the cutting edge that enables autonomous UAV, fleet management, swarm and cloud-based UAV operations.


To date, Moblicom has garnered success in its wireless solutions for Mission Critical Communications.  Mobilicom has leveraged its proven technology and expanded into the Commercial Drone sector with SkyHopper PRO, which has already been successfully tested and validated with commercial and industrial drone manufacturers around the globe and has been proven in the field with remarkable performance.


A few of SkyHopper Pro’s key features include:

  • Over 5Km Line-of-Sight Range
  • Robust None-Line-of-Sight and Urban operation
  • Broadcast, Multicast and Unicast transmission modes
  • Encrypted & Secured Transmission
  • Single link for control, telemetry and full HD real-time video
  • Relay Operation
  • Compact and Light


SkyHopper PRO is available now.

For more information, visit SkyHopper PRO at www.skyhopper.biz or contact us at info@skyhopper.biz or +1 747 212 3873