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AUVSI XPONENTIAL is the largest drone industry conference in the world. An intersection of cutting-edge innovation and real-world applications, XPONENTIAL 2018 brought all things unmanned into sharp focus. Thousands of leaders and innovators from industry and defense came together to share perspectives and gain insight from one another. 

Policy - Impact driven policy announcements from the U.S. Transportation Secretary on the UAS Integration pilot program and BVLOS Pathfinder results set the path for a maturing industry. While the initial announcements are focused exclusively on 10 pilot programs, the FAA determined that access to airspace is possible beyond these specific proposals.

Drones - Advancements in payload sensors, and processing power on board the aircraft have expanded the definition of what is possible and for how much.

Software - Searching for solutions to help with the next phase of operations. A complementary technology that also had a large presence was Artificial Intelligence (AI). Furthermore, companies are offering SaaS solutions for operations that are scaling, leveraging Application Program Interfaces (API’s) that allow for a digital market place to support new add-ons. This means more options are arriving for cloud-based software patrons.

SkyHopper - SkyHopper by Mobilicom presented for the first time the newly launched product - SkyHopper VU. SkyHopper VU is a Mobile HD Video & Data Receiver that enables real-time HD video and broadband data content consumption, shared and distributed to multiple viewers simultaneously. It is targeted within security & surveillance, mining and resources applications and it improves the operational capabilities of any mobile team. 

A few of SkyHopper VU key features include:

  • Built to enable mission-critical operations
  • Unified, encrypted & secured device with multiple elements 
    Toughpad multi-touch Tablet 
    Receiver unit 
    User replaceable Battery 
    Power supply & Antenna
  • Light & compact
  • Extended Ruggedized grade
  • Configurable receiver unit
  • Dual receiver antenna & GPS location base services
  • All-weather IP65 Dust and Water-resistant Design 
  • 7’’ Windows Tablet with Intel 6th Generation core M5 Processor
  • Powered by Windows 10 Professional 
  • Daylight readable